A Little Mom…With Big Love

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Lauren Rauseo, and I facilitate Positive Discipline workshops for parents.

Are you tired of repeating yourself over and over again, and it seems like your kids just won’t listen to you?

Do you dread certain times of day (I’m looking at you, Homework, Bath Time and Bed Time) because of the battles you know you will get into with your child?

Do you go from happy and playful with your child to angry and resentful in a matter of seconds, and wonder why no one told you this is what parenting would be like?

GUESS WHAT? The daily grind of parenting does not have to feel this way! You can rediscover the joy in raising your children. AND if you keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing, you are going to keep getting the same results…

Why not try something different?

What can you expect to gain from my workshops?

With the tools you’ll learn at my Positive Discipline workshops, along with your own work and commitment, you can expect to…
• Go from losing your mind to gaining connection • Turn power struggles into problem-solving •  Transform your home from chaos to cooperation (well, at least some of the time!) •


  • "I learned new language and gained self-awareness of my behavior."
  • "Very helpful. Lauren is a great model!"
  • "The workshop was eye-opening, wonderfully presented. You are amazing and inspiring!"
  • "I would highly recommend the workshop; the feedback from the crowd was enormous. You must take a positive step forward for your family!"
  • "It's a fun way to learn kinder resolutions for common parenting issues."
  • "I feel empowered to be a better mom and I have confidence that it is possible regardless of unique challenges with each child. You are so friendly and approachable!"
  • "I really liked the hands-on suggestions and tools I can implement immediately."
  • "The interactive nature was helpful and engaging. I'd recommend the workshop."
  • "Everyone can benefit from this level of thought-provoking discussion whether they consider themselves a model parent or the worst parent in the world."
    Baltimore Dad
  • "What has changed as a result of this workshop? Better outcomes during situations that could devolve into yelling and hurt feelings. Long-term skills/emotional intelligence building."
  • "I learned the importance of including the child in creation of [routines and agreements]. We are now talking more instead of yelling."
  • "The workshop allowed me to take time away to think about our challenges and to brainstorm solutions. It was helpful thinking about things from my daughter's perspective. I would recommend the workshop to others. Lauren, you are a pleasure! Also, thank you for sharing your personal experiences."


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