What is a Positive Discipline workshop?

Positive Discipline workshops are interactive, informative, and fun! Parents leave with practical and easy-to-implement strategies that they can begin to use in their homes right away. Many parents face the same types of challenges with their children: homework struggles, bedtime battles, getting out of the house on time, sibling fighting, and more. The Positive Discipline workshop brings parents together in community, lightening the weight of this load just a little, by realizing we are not alone.

Using hands-on activities in the workshops, parents begin to understand how to be both kind and firm at the same time. Participants use role-play and other engaging learning methods through which they explore new ways to handle issues that arise: through the lens of problem-solving, and seeing mistakes as opportunities to learn. For some, this is a complete shift in mindset and an encouraging game-changer!

Workshops are led by me, Lauren Rauseo, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. However, the real learning does not come from the facilitator, but rather from the individuals and the collective group as they are guided to reflect on their thoughts, feelings and decisions after each activity. By the end of the workshop, parents recognize the benefit of focusing on the belief behind their child’s behavior rather than on the behavior itself.


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